2022 Miss Gold Coast
Sheridan Hurtig

Sheridan HEadshot Crown 2.png

Sheridan Hurtig has been competing in the Miss Illinois Organization since 2009. Also created at that time, she has a passion for her social impact initiative, "Food for Thought." Advocating for people who are food insecure, Sheridan recently partnered with the Peoria Porch Pantry, a local non-profit organization. In her free time, Sheridan sings. HEr talent for Miss Illinois is singing, and she has been working on her vocals since she was 12-years old, having been a member of a traveling singing group for 4 years, and auditioned for The Voice multiple times. Brought up in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Sheridan is a proud Puerto Rican Jewish woman. Currently residing in Peoria with her boyfriend and two cats, and a Magna Cum graduate of Bradley University, Sheridan was promoted to an on-air reporter position within six months at her local news station, WYZZ/WMBD. Sheridan says pageantry is an important way to strengthen your communication skills and gives you a sisterhood bond like none other.