2022 Miss Windy City's OT
Jeneen Alsamsam

Jeneen Headshot Crown.png

Jeneen Alsamsam is a sixteen-year-old honor roll student, competitive dancer, actress, singer, and title winner of Miss Windy City's Outstanding Teen. She is trained in all styles of dance and you can catch her performing onstage at least ten times per year, as the stage is her favorite place to be. Jeneen loves traveling, and travels to compete for dance titles, scholarships, and dance conventions. When she isn't dancing, she is creating content for social media and promoting her Social Impact Initiative, Mindset Positivity. Jeneen loves vlogging for her YouTube channel and taking stunning shots for instagram. She uses the platform she has built and all these skills to make a change in our society as she works to make a huge difference in how our world views mental health, but more importantly, how we connect mental health to mindset positivity. She loves being in the public eye while getting ready to compete for Miss Illinois' Outstanding Teen.