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2023 Miss Chicago Official Results

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

2023 Miss Chicago - Elise O'Connell

2023 Miss Windy City - Imani P. Muse

2023 Miss Gold Coast - Annie Kamps

2023 Miss Cook County - Madelyn Steurer

1st Runner Up - Mbayi Aben

2nd Runner Up - Marisa Miles

Jade Smalls Simmons Talent Award - Elise O'Connell

People's Choice Award - Melissa Owens

Director's Award - Madelyn Steurer

Congeniality Award - Rhiannon Graham

Entrepreneurship Award - Madelyn Steurer

Influencer Award - Annie Kamps

2023 Miss Chicago's Outstanding Teen - Sharron Kagan

2023 Miss Windy City's Outstanding Teen - Alyssia Duda

2023 Miss Gold Coast's Outstanding Teen - Lily Troyan

Teen 1st Runner Up - Anika Chandola

Peyton Newman Talent Award - Alyssia Duda

Imani P. Muse Interview Award - Lily Troyan

Teen People's Choice Award - Summer Smith

Teen Director's Award - Summer Smith

Teen Congeniality Award - Sharron Kagan

Teen Influencer Award - Grace Hathaway

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