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Miss Chicago 2020 Results

Congratulations are in order to the new Miss Chicago 2020, Monica Nia Jones.

Take a look at our full results and new titleholders in the Miss Chicago Family.

Miss Chicago 2020 - Monica Nia Jones

Miss Windy City 2020 - Megan Magee

Miss Gold Coast 2020 - Allison Harrison

Miss Cook County 2020 - Hannah Huyck

Miss 1st Runner Up - Alyssa Costa

Miss 2nd Runner Up - Grace Lynn Keller

Jade Smalls Simmons Talent Award - Monica Nia Jones

Overall Interview Award - Megan Magee

People's Choice - Monica Nia Jones

Heart for Service Finalists - Megan Magee, Dara Weinstein, Sydney Untermyer

Dr. Theodore Siegel Heart for Service Award - Megan Magee

Miracle Maker - Monica Nia Jones

Influencer Award - Alexis Wisniewski

Director's Award - Jasie Kelch

Congeniality - Sasha Untermyer

Miss Chicago's Outstanding Teen 2020 - Eden Wilson

Miss Windy City's Outstanding Teen 2020 - Kylie Ryder

Teen 1st Runner Up - Carsyn Whisenant

Teen 2nd Runner Up - Rose Cassidy

Overall Talent Award - Kylie Ryder

Overall Interview Award - Eden Wilson

People's Choice - Eden Wilson

Miracle Maker - Eden Wilson

Entrepreneurship Award - Eden Wilson

Director's Award - Lily Troyan

Congeniality - Rose Cassidy

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